i.t.p.o.w.o. (cont)? and some info about me

I previously blogged at a different location under the blog-title of ‘in the process of weeding out.’ So the title on this page is simply: ‘in the process of weeding out (continued)’ because… well, I guess I got a lot of weeds.

Me? I am a husband, father, son, and friend. I go to work five days a week. I am probably a lot like you.

I am a struggling follower of Christ Jesus.

My interests include, but is not limited to: Christianity, punk rock, bicycles, gardening, roller derby, etymology –as well as words in general, dumpster diving, notes found in books, gypsies, coffee, dragonflys, trees, cemeteries, nomadic peoples, ravens, India, composting, fish hatcheries, freak shows, beer, cultural anthropology, tree-houses, thrift stores, religion in general, tea, creative people, subcultures, yurts, sustainability, bike messengers, cooking, bats, the colour green, patchouli, weather, cassette mix tapes, snake handlers, toys with character, communes, bookstores, empty buildings, yard sales, politricks, climbing trees, prisons, the ramblings of otherwise unknown street philosophers, mixed media art, the gothic American South, history, music, graffiti art, Southeast Asia, the sound of guitar feedback, abandoned vehicles, digging holes, drinking water that comes out of the garden hose, collecting seeds, wandering around by foot, tide pools, buffaloes, yerba mate, longboard skateboarding, interesting conspiracy theories and the list goes on….

One Response to “i.t.p.o.w.o. (cont)? and some info about me”

  1. Isaac Lewis Says:

    My oh my… we have a lot in common. I am glad I finally found your blog!

    Subscribe link – *click*

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