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live life to share life

July 31, 2011

Came across these words attributed to Oswald Chambers:

“If you cannot express yourself on any subject, struggle until you can. If you do not, someone will be the poorer all the days of his life. Struggle to express some truth of God to yourself, and God will use that expression to someone else. . . . You must struggle to get expression experimentally, then there will come a time when that expression will become the very wine of strengthening to someone else.”

Last nite I saw Jesus all over the place last night.

July 30, 2011

Last night I saw Jesus all over the place.

I saw Him when adult friends came out specifically to support my 13 year old son as he sang with a band as a part of a “Rock Camp” program.

I saw Him as I listened to a friend (who has gone through his own hurt) share with me (and at the same time remind me), with tears in his eyes, about the types of people that Jesus came for.

I saw Him as I saw a man I know crouched down, and in no apparent hurry to move on even though it was after 9pm, outside of the local Albertson’s just talking with a man that appeared intoxicated.

Yes… Last night I saw Jesus all over the place.