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but if you really want to witness the handiwork of the Spirit….

May 22, 2011

“…but if you really want to witness the handiwork of the Spirit, just watch how God will use your failures. Just wait till you glimpse the masterful redemption that springs forth when you ask forgiveness for having been a total ass, just watch how grace will rush in to fill the spaces of your shortcomings.”

–Nadia Bolz-Weber


a thot from a sunday morning

May 15, 2011

Listening to the song ‘Novocaine for the Soul’ by Eels made me wonder: Why don’t we sing honest songs like this in church?

God already knows what our condition is and what we are thinking and what is going on in our hearts and minds– so why don’t we just acknowledge it, and then trust God. And so what if the words sound negative or questioning, God hears our hearts and understands them, even if we do not.

The act of telling God about what is going on, what we are thinking, what we are feeling, etc is a calling out from our hearts that we want Him to walk with us in the midst of living life, to work in our lives, and even change us if need be.

Besides, we can’t share with God anything about how we feel or think that He is not already aware of already.

no lone wolves

May 4, 2011

Men may want to think that they are lone wolves, but they need others:

“According to a recent study in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, men are more affected by a relationships up and downs than women are. Researchers who interviewed more than 16,ooo people about the impact of relationships on mental health speculate that men often don’t have an outlet for emotional support other than their wives or partners. So if a relationship goes bad, they have fewer people to turn to.” (source: Men’s Health magazine/Oct 2o1o)

I think about this not only in regards to the sphere of a relationship between a man and his partner going kaput, but also regarding a man’s individual relationship with a friend. That perhaps losing a friendship, or a change in a friendship, impacts a man more than he might want to acknowledge that it does; or is aware that it does.